The D’s that voted for the Inflation Expansion Act cannot even explain how it reduces inflation because it does the opposite, it will force people to pay more in taxes and expand inflation.

We are witnessing the restructuring of the economic system. The [DS] is now trapped, Trump is exposing the corrupt, the people are starting to see it and believe it.

Sometimes you must show the people. Trump is forcing [DS] out of the shadows and into the light.

The election fraud case is getting strong and stronger, it’s now being proven that a foreign government was working with the [DS] players to overthrow the US government.

Trump sends messages, leaving out the letter R, which it is believed he’s pointing at “Renegade,” the Secret Service’s code name for… Obama.

“Next Question” – Corrupt Democrat Raskin When Asked How Biden’s ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will Actually Lower Inflation (VIDEO)

  •  Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD)  couldn’t even answer a simple question about Joe Biden’s massive ‘Inflation Reduction Act.’
  • The $740 billion Bidenflation scam just passed through both chambers of Congress.
  • Not one Republican voted for the bill.
  • Not one Biden Regime official has clearly explained how spending $740 billion on Marxist pet projects will lower inflation.
  • Democrat Raskin was stumped when asked what part of the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will lower inflation.

More than 230 economists wrote letters to Congress warning that the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will make inflation worse.

United States Enters Housing Recession

  • Confidence among home builders fell for the eighth consecutive month, indicating that the United States has entered a housing recession, according to a Monday release from the National Association of Home Builders.
  • The group’s Housing Market Index fell by six points in August to 49, marking the first time since the spring of 2020 that the metric has fallen below the breakeven value of 50. The three components of the Housing Market Index — current sales conditions, sales expectations, and traffic of prospective buyers — all declined to their lowest levels in the past two years.
  • The Housing Market Index survey determined that 69% of home builders point to higher interest rates as the reason for falling housing demand.