I’ve had many reach out in DM’s (Direct Messages) expressing their hesitancy with signing up as a poll worker for their upcoming elections. 

Don’t be.  

If they (the CPC) want our information, let’s be honest, they’ll get it or hell, they probably already have it. It’s one thing to know they’re siphoning our info, its another to turn a blind eye and choose to do nothing about it. Don’t let fear be your controller, take that righteous indignation and use it to further fuel you in pushing back against the machine. 

Your fear and feeling of lack of control is what [they] want. The more of US putting eyes on [them] during elections, the more difficult it is for [them] to cheat. 

Kari Lake ring a bell?

Stop feeling helpless and hopeless because again, that’s what [they] want. We have way more power and influence than we give ourselves credit for. We’re finally pushing back against the machine, a machine that’s been operating quietly in the shadows with next to no opposition against it. 

Well, guess what?! Wakey wakey, Deepstate. Your machine’s feeling the pressure of patriots across the globe that’s soon to be throttled on a very public stage. All while you watch from front row seats… and this is only the beginning. 

82 days until Midterms — THE TIME IS NOW! SIGN UP AND SHOW UP!