“The system does produce corruption.

Implicit in the system is corruption.”

Politicians are professional liars, installed by corrupt banking, oil & pharma oligarchs to keep our current system in place & ensure positive change for the people NEVER occurs.

The same oligarchal assholes that have had dominion of the scientific community since the very beginning to control what the masses are allowed to learn.

The implementation of electricity is what molded the industrial revolution & set the pace for where we are today. Most don’t think about that fact.

Most don’t think about the NATURAL LAWS of how nature REALLY works, how badly they’ve been hidden, & how magnetism is the primary mechanic that drives cellular division.

Understanding these laws by the elites were used to poison the mind, body & spirit of the citizens.

Politicians are put in to pretend fight with each other for the purpose of distracting the citizens.

The Media is there to distribute those pretend fights to the masses

The enslavement of a 🌍

— vDarknessFalls