The “Democrat Hive Mind” is an effing BOT FARMmanaged by a tiny handful of former Obama/Clinton/Bush White House staffers, Dem operatives, Corporate-owned media ‘journalists’ and ‘social justice’ activists. – Brian Cates

EXCLUSIVE: MASSIVE Democrat ‘Bot Farms’ Revealed Influencing Elections, War, And Racial Tension — 51,343,790,000 Social Media Impressions Since 2019 — They’re Gearing Up for November & 2024 #BlueCrew #DemCast 

This is the Democrat Hive-Mind

DemCast is a non-profit organization utilizing social media to push left-wing narratives online through tens of thousands of accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Garnering an estimation of over 50 billion impressions since just 2019 — DemCast aims at manipulating public opinion surrounding the topics of COVID, war with Russia, January 6, and even swaying local elections throughout all of the 50 states.

  • Their employees are a mix of ex-White House staffers, Democrat operatives, journalists, and social activists.
  • One of their co-content creators, Mindy Schwartz, worked at the White House for the National Security Council. Another one of their employees, Joanne Marie Oyer, works for the Obama Foundation.
  • Their website ‘Our Plan‘ page describes their operation in four simple bullet points:
  • Curate content from messaging experts, creators, and news sources.
  • Package that content into succinct strategic messages.
  • Recruit, train & equip an army of social media users across social platforms to relay messaging through their accounts.
  • Identify and disseminate strategic opportunities for volunteerism & donating, to support critical grassroots groups & candidates.
  •  Lori Coleman teaches individuals how to use Speechifai to auto-generate Twitter content.
  • Lori emphasizes the necessity of appearing ‘authentic,’ while going over the process of using the “Try to build your own post” on the Speechifai platform.
  • Speechifai allows organizations to generate a plethora of customizable messages, while offering a mix & match messaging option with an accompanying hashtag, ensuring that when thousands of individuals post to social media, they appear as though they are authentic to the normal user — rather than auto-generated.
  • DemCast has deployed its organization across all 50 states in the U.S. and has demonstrated massive influence over social issues, manipulating left-wing commentary to make it appear considerably larger than it otherwise would be.
  • Meet Nick Knudsen, executive director of DemCast.
  • “Bots, troll farms, disinformation, click-bait journalism, the death of local media: welcome to the 21st century…”
  • To begin to have an understanding of the size and scope of DemCast’s influence over public perception of important political topics online, it is important to analyze how DemCast operates on Twitter.
  • While analyzing these accounts, anomalies begin to appear. for instance, the account going by @msgrumpybunny has allegedly tweeted 144,000 times in just 7 years.
  • That means 61 tweets every single day without breaks, over a 7-year period.
  • Another important factor to look at while analyzing these accounts is the strange follower-to-following ratio.
  • You will find DemCast accounts typically have a follower count well into the thousands, with many accounts having over 50,000 followers. These accounts typically follow the same number of accounts that follows them, adding breath to allegations of an automated bot farm.
  • This particular account, using the “#BlueCrew” hashtag, has well over 500,000 followers, and is following almost just as many.
  • How does this alter public perception?
  • Human beings are social creatures, and there are thousands of studies proving an individual will go along with the group against his or her better judgment, due to psychological pressures regarding acceptance and ‘fitting in.”
  • As researched in the Asch Conformity Experiments, “nearly 75% of the participants in the [Asch] conformity experiments went along with the rest of the group at least one time.
  • DemCast has moved its operation to local politics, working within all of the 50 states to artificially boost the popularity of candidates who would otherwise go mostly unnoticed.
  • Terms of Service
  • Twitter’s Terms of Service explicitly prohibit platform manipulation and spam, stating: “You may not use Twitter’s services in a manner intended to artificially amplify or suppress information…”
  • While DemCast utilizes tens of thousands of Twitter accounts in a coordinated attempt at manipulating public discourse, artificially amplifying left-eing messages/individuals — it is unclear just how many users within their operation are genuinely authentic.
  • The service TweetAttacksPro allows users to auto-generate thousands of accounts, automating the like, follow, reply, and share features on Twitter.
  • Their services are geared towards amplifying business interaction online to enhance their public image. It is used to boost your odds of winning online sweepstakes, particularly within crypto social groups.