Told a friend. He still can’t believe it could happen. Very skeptical.

I almost promised him it would.

Read what others are saying… they’re thinking what I’m thinking.

Everything done during Biden’s illegitimate term of office will be null and void. All the legislation he’s signed, appointments he’s made, EOs, the works.

It will be as though he never existed. Anything he did while Resident will be washed away like manure from the Augean stables.

From Spitballers’ Joe Lange:

“And when the election is tossed the entire Biden administration is removed

And all he’s done. Appointments, EO’s, laws…

Yes! And say goodbye to his SC pick. She’s gone too”

😃 Pace yourself! I guesstimate months of shockwaves before we’re on the other side of the storm.