I have some roots in US and some in Canada and live there. We watch from up here.  My historic views of my country have totally been reconfigured in the last 5 years. What I used to see as people in a polite, peace keeping nation has transformed. 

My country has been lulled into apathy by a corrupt government’s lullaby.  Those of us here in spitballers get frustrated a lot because we can see y’all having a pathway to fight for freedom thru a Devolution, TTV and Lindell but there is nothing even remotely like that up here. 

We have a million splintered groups fighting specific tiny fights but no unity and no one seems to see the bigger picture. Our media is BLATANTLY captured by our Lefty government and to be honest, I think all parties in Canada are Left.  Our rightest political parties are Left of centre, in my opinion.  So those of us who see what is happening up here are both powerless to help the US beyond cheering and verbally understanding/supporting and struggling to even make a single dent in our own countries tyranny. 

And it’s embarrassing.

Who, besides Ukraine, elects a drama teacher as a leader.  But then, maybe I need to give my countrymen a break because it’s likely we DIDn’t choose the fool. 

But still, we have been asleep at the switch for far too long.  It’s heartbreaking. But probably the worst is that it’s hard to see a future and I think we will have to depend on US to lead us out of our craziness.

So sad.  So so sad.

— BJ, Canada