Here’s one Spitballer’s take. What do YOU think?

Another reason for the kayfabe between Trump and Pence, is to protect Pence and his family.  Anyone who is associated with Trump will be targeted by the Deep State, and especially his VP.  The Vice President is  not granted the same lifetime secret service security as the President does.  They are offered for only 6 months after they end their term of office.  Pence had to play the villain to MAGA, and make clear break from Trump, for one reason for his and his family’s safety.  

It maybe that Pence made a secret deal with the DS and the Democrats to ensure they wouldn’t target him and his family.  

In order to make Pence’s break from Trump convincing, he had to pretty much do everything opposite Trump, like campaigning for RINO candidates, and making subtle jabs at Trump, and doing things that make it appear that he’s considering running for President, possibly against Trump in 2024.  All of the mainstream media are making predictions already.  The left is probably behind it, for anyone to run against Trump who could win.  

Pence has been able to move under the radar and well-protected.  From  MAGA hating him and writing him off, and his break from Trump, and his seeming run for President, Pence has been able to accomplish many things for the Trump team behind the scenes.

Like I’ve said before, Pence is Trump’s silent weapon, offsetting the balance of personalities in their team – all eyes on the brash and charismatic Trump, while Pence, the straight guy, works silently away from the eyes.  

So if Pence has been acting shadily, it’s on purpose, to seem that way.  sole purpose for the optics.  If things appear that way,  then public is supposed to see it that way, to convince MAGA and DS Pence is acting on his own, at odds with Trump.