Small Spit Ball

Q told us to watch resignations.


Q told us they would be forced. Pawns removed from the chess board.

People are disappointed he isn’t leaving till December as if this is his planned time to leave.

There’s an entirely different possibility people are missing.

Fauci probably knows there’s a Grand Jury convened on him.

People think Durham is the big gun.

He’s not. He’s the lead in. The introduction to corruption for the normies. Very public.

But Q told us who is conducting investigations behind the scenes and has been since early 2017.

The Inspector General’s office with Huber as the prosecutor.

Can the IG office who is investigating crimes compel a target to testify if he is still a government employee?

Under oath?

Isn’t that what happened with a lot of the corrupt FBI players?

They weren’t fired or removed until they had testified under oath.

What if that same scenario is playing out with Fauci!

Have you noticed the CDC backtracking a lot and trying to square their statistics with reality lately?

Huge investigation behind the scenes happening?

The invisible hand?

Quite possible.

I’ll bet a ton of them are flipping and wanting deals

Hunters become the hunted