Sadly. No matter what you try to tell them, they figuratively cover their ears and walk away.

This from a Spitballer:

“I’ve been awake for many years but not to the extent that I am currently. Each person has a unique perspective of society, the political landscape, religion or faith, and so many just live their day-to-day lives as if everything were OK.

Some don’t care, some are complacent, some cannot deal with conflict, some feel they don’t have anything to contribute, and some people may think since they don’t have any control, why bother?

It’s a sad scenario but there are millions who take the stance of fighting for what is right because of their passion for liberty and freedom, as it would be devastating to lose them. 

So those who will, continue to fight, and those who choose to not be involved, their plight is on their own heads. They indeed will be shocked when everything is exposed and revealed, to the point that they must actually make a choice what team they want to be on.”