“Very interesting conversation between Dave (Praying Medic) and @imyourmoderator. 

“One thing that stands out to me is what I’ve been preaching on this entire time. End time ‘itis’ reveals itself in people whenever something negative happens in this war/awakening transition. When this happens they just want to give up and not fight back because why do so anyway if the world is doomed? I’m sure the cabal are delighted by this way of thinking but I implore people to be open to changing your mind. Being teachable by God is so important. Many of us are so rigid I’m our beliefs. The anon way is to question everything. We should question the black pill and why it was so pervasive and taught as a foundational ideology for so many people. 

“If I were the cabal I’d want people cowering in their homes expecting to lose at any moment. Thinking that doom was their destiny. I challenge that belief and ask you to question it for yourself.”