Trump Covid Adviser Confesses ’15 Days to Slow the Spread’ Was a Lie from the Beginning 

  •   Trump took the advice of his Covid advisers, such as Dr. Robert Redfield, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Dr. Deborah Birx, and “told people to stay home, avoid gathering in groups, forgo discretionary travel and stop eating in food courts and bars for the next 15 days.”
  • If everyone makes this change or these critical changes and sacrifices now, we will rally together as one nation and we will defeat the virus and we’re going to have a big celebration all together,” Trump said at a White House press briefing on March 16, 2020. “With several of weeks of focused action we can turn the tide and turn it quickly.”
  • But anyone who had been paying attention to the federal government’s behavior knew instantly that “15 days to slow the spread” was destined to become yet another supposedly ‘noble lie’ to socially condition the American ‘herd’ into compliance with state demands.
  • That’s where Dr. Deborah Birx comes in. In a recent book that has effectively become a mea culpa, “Silent Invasion,” the former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator admits that it was all a lie. This comes via The Brownstone Institute:

No sooner had we convinced the Trump administration to implement our version of a two-week shutdown than I was trying to figure out how to extend it. Fifteen Days to Slow the Spread was a start, but I knew it would be just that. I didn’t have the numbers in front of me yet to make the case for extending it longer, but I had two weeks to get them. However hard it had been to get the fifteen-day shutdown approved, getting another one would be more difficult by many orders of magnitude.

  • Never mind that lockdowns have never been shown to work and did not work during the Covid pandemic, Dr. Birx was a true believer in them as a tool to manipulate human behavior.


Dr. Anthony Fauci Announces Decision to Step Down in December as Republican Control of Congress Looms 

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci announced he would step down from his government positions in December.
  • “I will be leaving these positions in December of this year


Why did Trump put Birx and Fauci front and center?

He brought them out from the shadows and into the light. This was done on purpose to expose them and let them do what they do best, make them think they are in full control, that nothing can touch them.

Once they felt the power, they pushed the agenda of the deep state, and they fell right into the trap.

Remember, Trump in the beginning mentioned HCQ on purpose. This was part of the trap. Fauci, Birx [knowingly] pushed against HCQ, even pushed studies to show it was harmful. They had pharmacists holding back the drug, and they did the same for ivermectin. 


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When media and [D] elected officials [coordinate] [knowingly] attempt to prevent a ‘medically verifiable’ solution [prevention] re: COVID-19 [prev_death] we enter a STATE OF CRISIS.
When [D] elected officials [coordinate] [knowingly] push COVID-19 positive ‘elderly’ patients into nursing homes [HOT SPOT(s)_ most at risk] we enter a STATE OF CRISIS.
Your life means nothing to them [sheep].
You are a vote when it matters and a dollar sign when it does not.


There never needed to be a pandemic, Trump exposed it all