“Our Eagles, and all other birds, are being decimated by the Chinese built windmills. World’s most costly energy! “–

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

What does this mean? Is President Trump telling us something important? I think so.


Q Post # 180   — 11/21/2017

Answer: Bill Clinton

Is Bill Clinton coming back into the picture?

Why is LRD chatting up Eagles on Twitter (LDR? Lady DeRothschild?) — Anon on 4chan board

Q Post # 679


Former Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller?

Will October be RED HOT? And/or will RED OCTOBER destroy an oncoming torpedo?

Q Post # 4011

Will released declassified documents taken from Mar A Lago unleash “The Storm’s” fury?

Q Post # 3711

The Storm Sequence of Events: Horowitz IG Report > Comey Report > Declas of FISA > Indictments

Q Post # 3354


X22 Report