Biden was told NOT to cancel student loan debt by Janet Yellen and Jill – but Kamala pushed him to do it and the ‘$1TRILLION’ scheme was unveiled before it was properly costed

✅ Joe Biden on Wednesday announced that $10,000 in student loans would be cancelled for those earning under $125,000

✅ On Friday it emerged that the Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, and his wife Jill urged Biden not to go ahead with the policy

✅ It was supported by Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Raphael Warnock, according to The New York Times

✅ Biden’s advisors were split: Chief of Staff Ron Klain said it would appeal to younger voters, but political advisor Mike Donilon said Americans were unsure

✅ It also emerged that the rollout was rushed, with the loan service companies not warned and White House economists unclear of the precise cost