by SpyGate Down (Telegram)

SpyGate Down Enclave 🍊🍊🍊

Here’s where we air it out.  Think of the Enclave as an intellectual salon.  Resist the temptation to post animated dancing unicorns!

On this day set aside for worship and rest there is a table and plate set before you. 

Every day this past week you have digested the issues confronting us as Patriots. This morning I want to pan the camera back and bring our entire Buffet into focus. 

I see three cooperative currents at work in the larger context of the #GreatAwakening and this, our blessed Republic. I’m using hesitancy with respect to traditional healthcare as a gauge to evaluate the wind speed and current. 

Current #1: Aging and Death

Boomer wisdom, like Boomer theology, has run its course. Yes I know many of us here only fit the calendar definition. So let’s just say the zeitgeist of the Boomer has run its course. Faith in the machine is dead. 

I listen to my parents on a telehealth zoom call and I keep my mouth shut mostly out of respect. It was hard enough to get them away from Fox News and Public Radio. Honestly when Rush died it was like a light went out. 

Long live Rush. No one could make my father reconsider his heroes like Missouri’s Favorite Son. 

Of course there are outliers, but eventually there is always a folding of the hands; a dying of the light. For my part I will never go to a doctors appointment, in person or otherwise, without pushing back. As I tell my children: 50% of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class. You just don’t know which one you got. 

Current #2: Waking Up

This is a one-way street, and we don’t talk about it enough. You know people that are irritatingly awake and so do I. And you know people that are frustratingly asleep as well. 

But we both agree that waking up to seditious conspiracy and treason is not like some high tide that comes and goes. It is more akin to finding the pool boys underwear in your bed after a long business trip. Bing Bong lights come on and the marriage is changed forever. 

The grown-ups of this Republic are in the process of waking up – never to sleep again. Collusion between our medical establishment, healthcare corporations and klan leadership is in plain sight. The prospects are so horrific we will struggle to even keep beneficial inoculations going forward, as it should be. Don’t believe me? Ask everyone you know if they’re going to take the monkeypox vaccine. 

Current #3:  Free Think

This is esoteric and so mentally scrumptious it keeps me awake at night. We only see dawn‘s rays peeking through the curtains at this point. It is no longer a conspiracy theory to discuss the hundreds of paths of treachery that have been used to weaken the body politic. 

We stand in the yard and evaluate the dissipation of contrails above us. We reconsider the fluoride in the toothpaste of our youth. I spent the last 60 days boiling organic bones and learning to pressure can beef bone broth like some lunatic. 

You’re laughing, but I lost 75 pounds and my hair looks like Michelangelos David. At the age of 56 I bought a book on powerlifting. (A book, by the way, is a means of conveying instruction in the absence of the Internet. I probably should point that out here.)

What are the odds, in your estimation, that I climb back into my matrix pod and plug-in?

Here I have described three currents that inexhaustibly flow in one direction, and they are accelerating. The old vine withers, The flowers bend towards the light, and the fruit blooms anew. 

Of all the millennia of human history, of all the civilizations on earth, here you are. Give thanks, put on the Armor of God and get back in the phalanx.