The Green New Deal and the Great Reset are doomed.

The World Economic Forum and the Central bank [WEF]/[CB] need to remove the Constitution to be successful.

They have failed.

The new Governors / Mayors will destroy the rest of their agenda. The only way their plan works is if America falls, and this is not going to happen. The people are going to take back their economic system.

The Deep State is panicked and working from fear. Their system is being exposed to the world and the clock is ticking down.

Biden is now calling out to the deep state players that something must be done to stop Trump and the people. They are preparing for a midterm battle.

Their Mar-a-Lago raid backfired, the people see how the FBI is really the Stazi in disguise. They interfered in the Presidential election, and now it’s just matter of time before the 2020 election decertification happens.