September 2, 2022

…The Q drops are all suddenly becoming relevant.

Future proves past.

The big news stories today are proving Q posts from the past.

I don’t believe the 11.3 post is about the LOW.

Posts can have multiple meanings but the LOW is just a military manual. It’s not law.

There might be aspects that apply but Q never mentioned it.

What he did mention four times including the link was the Counterinsurgency manual.

He spelled out what we are doing in those posts.

The Counterinsurgency manual spells out how you fight an insurgency within your own country.

They are following the strategy perfectly.

Here’s my spit ball 


Is a date.

It’s a date that represents the steal of the century.

The diamonds were stolen on November 3 2020.

The peoples constitutional right to vote was what was stolen not just Trump’s election.

The constitution wasn’t just violated on that day, it was completely shredded.

If the people can’t elect their own representatives in a representative Republic then there is no constitution.

I think the timing of all of this is pointing to one day in history.

November 3.

That date will live in history as a reminder of what happened and what we are up against.

I believe it will become a national holiday as a future historical reminder and possibly a global holiday when this is all done.

Huber and the IG investigation is what’s coming.

Durham is just the warm up.


Jun 16, 2018 2:42:45 AM EDT

Q !CbboFOtcZs

Jun 16, 2018 2:38:05 AM EDT


Jun 16, 2018 2:31:39 AM EDT

Q !CbboFOtcZs


JP / Huma NOV.

Huber recent reveal by Sessions (Nov start).

HRC panic / deal req DEC (think Huber).


You have more than you know.

News unlocks past.





11.3 = when HUBER made a SEALED indictment

11.6 = when HUBER made a SEALED indictment


Well done, Anon.

Shows commitment.


We The Ultra Media ⛈⛈⛈

“In a May 5 article, Breitbart News asked Patel to comment on reports that the former president had been holding classified material at Mar-a-Lago. No, said Patel. He explained that while Trump was president, he had declassified all of it. “The president has unilateral authority to declassify documents,” said Patel. “He exercised it here in full.”

So WTH is going on? Lee Smith lays out the case.…

…The raid and investigation were never targeting Trump.

That’s the media narrative war.

The documents were already declassified and legally handed over to the IG office through the FBI which is conducting a massive conspiracy investigation into Obama.

EVIDENCE has suddenly dropped in a very short time frame.

2000 mules, the Pit, Lindell and the audit findings in New Mexico retruthed.

All of them have one thing in common.

Evidence of the American peoples’ constitutional right to vote being violated.

None of them focus on Trump’s race or talk about ELECTORS at all.


Because it’s not about Trump’s race.

That should be a clue where this is all going.

It’s been the plan from the beginning.

Only one entity hasn’t seen the evidence.


SC is going to protect the peoples right to vote and it will be a 9-0 decision.


Two things.

Remember the timing then and the atmosphere.

That was the enemy’s best opportunity to start a civil war.

That was their plan.

They wanted video of Trump supporters storming the Capital and had to stage it to get it.

They planted two bombs that were also supposed to go off but were prevented.

No coincidences.

The enemy wanted video of Trump and some military starting a coup in order to begin a civil war.

Trump knew.

Instead he walked away and trapped them.

It was the same with all the court cases.

The timing wasn’t right.

A court ruling overturning the election would have done the same thing.

Caused a civil war.

There’s no chance for that now.

Plus, if you go back and look at all those court cases, they were all based on election laws not followed and discrepancies.

Nobody filed a court case claiming a nationwide conspiracy to steal the constitutional right to vote of all Americans.

That’s what’s coming and has been planned from the beginning… in my opinion.


September 1, 2022

Further proof that there are huge criminal investigations going on in the background.

The NIH and the CDC are suddenly trying to redo everything to cover their ass.

Brian Cates ✪✪✪

ICYMI — After suspending social media accounts globally across several platforms for advocating for ivermectin, the NIH has now added ivermectin as a treatment for COVID:

We are already in a constitutional crisis because the entire election was stolen in every state.

The question is why hasn’t the military already stepped in?

The answer is because it’s not the plan.

The plan is to reestablish the peoples’ right to vote above all else.

The SC will make sure that precedent is set again by tossing the entire election and calling for a new one as Trump just suggested.

August 31, 2022

The problem is the state legislatures went along with certifying the fraudulent election results.

That broke the law.

The election results were certified.

If they were illegal then the law was broken.

State legislatures along with SOS and governors are complicit in breaking election laws and violating the peoples right to vote.

State legislatures were shown the evidence of fraud and did nothing.

They certified anyway.

August 31, 2022

I have been a political junkie for over 30 years but I have never even thought I would see half of what I’m seeing now.

I accepted the fact that we were on a long slow slide where we were heading towards world domination by evil.

Nothing we could do but try to slow it down.

But I’m seeing things I never expected.

The enemy on the defensive and our side not just winning but in control.

That would never happen unless God was in the fight.

When ever in history it looked like evil was about to be victorious God has shown up.

And when God enters the fight, the fight is over.

I cannot believe I am blessed enough to not just live in this historic time but be able to understand what’s really going on.

I’m so thankful.