Sept. 2 – Just My Opinion



Ellison who is tied to Trump just told what the Redline is.

It’s a legal redline and has direct connection to the patriot act, FISA and State Secrets Privilege.

Q posted a popular redline post.

This whole conspiracy is centered around Obama.

Obama has illegally used the intelligence agencies to spy on his political enemies.

This is what the redline really is

Ellison who is the founder of Oracle and a big Trump supporter said this was the redline in an interview back in 2015 talking to Charlie Rose.

Look at the pinned message at the top of this chat that is the audio version of Reading Epic Threads where Patrick Gunnels reads Richard The Saint’s latest Substack.

[Pinned Message: No my theory is it’s devolution happening. Black out in communications from white hats involved in devolution from the pentagon and any intelligence or government agency. Chronological order. Jan 9 Twitter suspends Trump. Jan 20 devolution triggered and communications cut off from the enemy.]

That’s Red2

[10/04/2021]: I think I know what it is. Nobody else seems to have a good explanation. Red3 triggers Red4. Pelosi refusing to allow House vote under the constitution when Biden falls below 270. The “movement” is directly described in Red4. Military movement to uphold the constitution with the very troops that will be involved. It fits perfectly with the Pelosi “or” Pence “movement”. Trump was given the “choice” when the military movement happened. Q1581

Also, [10/04/2021]: My spit ball is white hats caused the toilet paper scare to prepare Americans for possible shortages and inflation. I mean it was just toilet paper? Something that wouldn’t hurt anybody

Also, [10/04/2021]: It just says central locations. What does that mean? It could mean liberal cities being terrorized. But it could also means place like DC or state capitals in order to make mass arrests too. At least two possibilities I think. And you might be right but if it hasn’t then what does it mean? That’s what doesn’t make sense. If it’s Pelosi or Pence, why isn’t it Harris or Pence? Why isn’t it Pence or Pelosi? Pence would be second in line not Pelosi. Do you see my problem with it? But if it refers to Q post 1581 with Trump being given a choice? Perfect answer. Jan 6 where Pence received the electoral college vote “or” the one Trump chose which is Pelosi refusing the vote in the House at a future date when Biden gets below 270. You have to admit it fits. Right? It’s the only thing that fits. I keep waiting for somebody to offer a different theory on Red3 but none of them make sense. It’s funny cause that Red line never made sense to me. The others seemed straight forward but that one didn’t. But after you and I put our brains together it makes perfect sense especially in light of Q 1581 where Q says they gave Trump the choice on timing. But 11.4 doesn’t need to have happened yet for my theory on Red3 to still be good. 11.4 can be triggered yet not carried out by the military until Trump has given the green light. Right? Q post 1581? Pelosi no vote in the House? Still possible right?

I don’t believe Red3 has anything to do with government succession. A lot of other people do but I don’t. I believe it was a choice given to Trump when the military movement happens. Two separate actions by two separate people. Jan 6 Pence accepting a fraudulent electoral college vote. If military acts then I think the odds are high for a civil war and the enemy was hoping and planning for it. Second action is the one Trump chose. Pelosi refusing the vote in the House. Military gave Trump the choice. He chose the later date for several reasons I think. I don’t believe Pelosi has a nuclear football whether it’s fake or not. I haven’t seen any evidence of that anywhere.

 I think it’s coming when states decertify and Biden is below 270. At that point the constitution says there is a vote in the House with each state delegation only getting one vote. Trump will win that vote so Pelosi will refuse to hold the vote in my opinion which triggers the military to act and enforce the constitution and begin arrests. Just my opinion though.

You need to listen to the whole thing.

I loved your latest RTS! I missed it last night but got to hear the audio version.

I have a hard time personally reading and comprehending a lot of your writing but hearing it was causing many booms to go off in my brain!

I think they are following the Counterinsurgency manual that Q linked to and talked about four times.

The strategy is two parts.

Behind the scenes they undermine the insurgency in many ways.

The second part is turning the population against the insurgency.

It’s all working beautifully!

Thank you for helping me better understand the behind the scenes strategy that is beyond me.

I will add your substack to my growing list.

Blessings friend.


Mar 23, 2020 7:48:53 PM EDT

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6

The key that opens all doors.

The ‘Start’.


What is the key?

Click on the link and read the article.

The KEY is Obama’s spygate.

FISA is the START. Obama is behind it all.

The key that opens all doors?

Coincidence Scavino posts a picture of a DOOR with a 45 on it?

The comms are obvious for those that followed Q.

Trump was never the target.

The evidence that he already declassified was.

What’s in the red binders?

The boxes?

All the evidence Obama tried to hide of his crimes in his own library using executive privilege and classifying them as top secret.

Everything Trump is being accused of in the fake public narrative is what Obama actually did.


Mar 04, 2019 3:39:34 PM EST


Hussein gave the order to start the spy campaign. 

It was logged officially 2x.

1x – Domestic.

1x – Foreign.

FISC judge WH meeting?

WH visitor logs are important. 

Hussein LIBRARY CLAS doc move?

Attempt to shelter/protect?

Who has AUTH to obtain?

The More You Know.


Everything has been a trap. Trump gladly takes the slings and arrows.

He wanted a Special Counsel, he wanted to be impeached and he wanted the raid on his home.


Feb 10, 2020 12:58:12 PM EST

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6


Did ‘Mueller’ open the DOOR to Ukraine?

Did ‘Mueller’ open the DOOR to FISA [illegal]?

How do you introduce evidence legally?

Did ‘Impeachment’ provide a platform to discuss findings of Ukraine?

How do you introduce evidence legally?

Did ‘Impeachment’ harm or help POTUS [public]?

How do you introduce [D]s high crimes [corruption] to the public?

Why didn’t POTUS remove [Hussein] holdovers from NSC?

Do you really believe that POTUS & team trusted [Hussein] holdovers to remain within the admin and work to enact POTUS’ agenda w/o bias or confrontation? 

How do you ‘awaken’ the ‘induced coma’ public [FAKE NEWS control] from their long sleep?

Sometimes allowing your enemies to [openly] attack…….

Logical thinking. 


Don’t miss that last line. “Sometimes allowing your enemies (public perception) to openly attack…”

The raid just opened the door to the START.

Two things I see right around the corner.

Overturning of the election and FISA abuse by Obama.

Both tables are being set for the normies.

Storm almost here friends.

Intel Drop #3898 The key that opens all doors. The ‘Start’. Q

Read Richard the Saint’s (RTS) latest piece, referenced in Joe Lange’s opinion above.