AbsoluteTruth1776 writes:

Between Adolf Biden taking center stage last night and John Podesta popping back up in the news – it should be pretty apparent to everyone that we are watching a movie. 

A well written one, at that. 🎥🍿

Whether or not you or me like it is irrelevant. It is serving a vastly important purpose in creating a seismic shift in public awareness/awakening. 

I for one am eager to see just what Biden will do next to continue piloting the DNC Titanic headlong into the iceberg. 


TruthHammer 🙏🇺🇸


Just when “PedoHitler” is the leading trend and all the talk…

“Biden” announces 

King of the Pedo’s aka

John Podesta to join the Admin 






You gotta admit… putting Pedosta in the spotlight is crazy AF…

It’s almost like somebody is TRYING to show us how far off the rails the radical left is.

Spy gate down writes:

How do you know their rat lines for money are gasping?

They took the most obvious grift and put the most desperate grifter in charge. 

“Hey Osiris, we found your penis…”

Andrew Breitbart: “F*ck. You. John.  Podesta.”

Brian Cates:

Bringing him back now and giving him a highly visible role in the massive climate scam they’re pushing?  Even though most people know it’s bullshit at this point? 


Liz Crokin writes:

Pizzagate Exposed: Part 1

First column in a series exposing the truth about Pizzagate

The Biden Administration has hired former Clinton aide, John Podesta AKA Skippy Molesta, to serve as Senior White House Advisor for clean energy. Now’s a good time to read through my Pizzagate series on Substack if you haven’t already! 


John Podesta brought in to oversee 370 Billion on climate spending. (Wonder how much of that will end up in his pocket) 

Wonder how much will go to… OTHER activities…


From the Colonel’s Corner…

Hold up just one second…a pedophile, liar, cheat, plagiarist, embezzler is going to get on national TV and discuss a battle for the soul of our country? Do I have that right? Well, ordinarily I stay out of the business of judgment but it’s clear who has Biden’s soul and that the devil went to Delaware (not GA) to get it. 

On this one point he is dead serious, we are in a battle for the soul of America but God wins not Satan and it’s clear where Biden threw in a long time ago.