Who could ask for anything more?

Turns out it was the Great Nazi Reset all along….only with an extremist LGBT agenda tossed into the mix for good measure.

Joe Biden can’t walk up stairs, ride a bike, or complete a coherent sentence. I have zero confidence in his ability to “cure cancer as we know it.”

Mentions in Biden’s speech:

China: 0

Crime: 0

Inflation: 0

Fentanyl: 0

The Border: 0

Charlottesville: 1

January 6th: 2

Insurrection: 3

Donald Trump: 3

Extremism: 7

Violence: 10

MAGA: 13

Republicans: 16


— Charlie Kirk

The Great #PedoHitler Meme Storm

conservatives anihilate ‘Dark Brandon’ in a series of priceless memes

Paul Serran

8 hr ago


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A meme, certainly much more. And a Meme Storm? The ‘minimum effort, maximum effect’ crew was out in force tonight, shinning the light on Biden’s creepy speech and showing its true colors. I tried my best to give credit to the people who posted that on Telegram (they are not necessarily the makers, but many times they are).