Brian Cates posts:

“Right now tons of normies are waking up to the fact that not only were the so called elite class covering up for predatory men who raped women like Weinstein and Cosby… the beginning of the  full exposure of the Epstein sex trafficking ring started them down the path of realizing they do this to kids too.  Not just young women.  

Whatever the degeneracy is, there are top people ready to help cater to it and then cover it up when you make a mess. If you’re rich enough and you are one of them. 

The fact it took almost a decade to get Ed Buck’s ass in prison where it belonged proves this.  

There are tons of high level pedos that have people like Podesta as their fixers.  He’s called in when a top person in the ‘club’ has an embarrassing episode, to make it go away. 

The worst ones are those pedos who give birth to and grow their own victims.  Podesta knows all about this.  

Biden wants Podesta close to him at this time.  

If you know, you know. (IYKYK)”

We the ULTRA Media reposted this from Liz Crokin:

“It’s very interesting that John Podesta is back in the news. I’m elated because it’s drawing more attention to Pizzagate. I gave up more than I think anyone will ever know to expose Pizzagate, and that’s fine. My goal was never to profit or become famous for this, which I didn’t. This actually ruined my life — literally every aspect…legal, financial, medical, social, family, etc. Fine. I’ve accepted all this, as I know this is what God called me to do. But what I will not, & will never accept, are the people who knowingly LIED about Pizzagate, and now, are going to (and already are) trying to act like they reported the truth about Pizzagate from the beginning. I don’t think SO!  How many kids could’ve been saved if YOU would’ve told the truth before it was socially acceptable & now even trendy to talk about? I guess those people were too busy keeping their blue checkmarks and/or making money off of coupon codes to tell the truth. YOU PEOPLE ALL MAKE ME SICK! Y’all know who you are. I have the receipts, and so do the anons. So…let to the world beware!”

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