Donald Trump revealing the truth of the battle we are in.

“They think the Deep State, not the citizens, should be the true masters of this country. On our watch we will never let that happen.”

Trump speaks on the security of our Nation even after he’s completed his purpose. This is so important. White Hats are fighting on the behalf of all future generations. White Hats could not only save our country for our lifetime. The Deep State must be rooted out to never return. The best is yet to come  #45 — Qstradamus

They spent almost 2 full decades building a corrupt US election system preparing for the day most citizens would become ‘remote voters’ and send their ballots in by mail or digitally using machines and electronic devices.  That was always their goal – to get away from Election Day in-person voting with paper ballots.  

They spent hundreds of billions of their dollars – and ours – setting this system up in hundred and hundreds of US counties.  

And we’re gonna prove early on in the development of these Election Management Systems, Platforms and Apps that our own political class in DC and in many states  knew the CCP was all up inside this massive project, writing the code, creating the apps and platforms, setting up the digital highway for the election data to travel on.  

They spend all that time and all that money setting up their EMCCS. [That’s ‘Election Management Cheat & Control Systems, for those of you in Rio Linda].

And we’re gonna expose and destroy it all in less than two months.

–Brian Cates