Here’s what’s in store for the UK

““Our sociopathic overlords launch a masterplan of evil on their own unsuspecting peoples””


“The fan has huge incoming.

The UK expects, within months, inflation to hit 18.6% and home repossessions to hit 267%.

Real wages are already falling at the fastest rate in 20 years.

Boris Johnson panicked the country into covid lockdowns and virtue-signalled the country into embargoing Russia. That’s why the UK is facing catastrophe.

Boris plans to slink away now so as to slink back when the mess has all been sorted.”

Harnwell predicts the end of the Tory party – a uniparty – in six months. 2,200 illegals came over the Channel in boats over the weekend. Harnwell says that’s a 60-% increase of last year. And he predicts energy costs in UK will be going up 4 to 5 times by next Spring.

Good luck, Liz Truss. You’re dealing with two self-inflicted wounds: Britain’s response to Covid, and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Harnwell predicts that Boris has manufactured his exit to his successor who will be pummeled over the next two years before he returns to “save the day.”

By Radiopatriot

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