Out of pocket for a day or too. Dealing with airports, flight delays, missed connections and general unreliability of an airline industry that ain’t nothin’ like it used to be. But… the onboard movies are at least something to praise: Topgun Maverick and Downton Abbey final “episode.”

Back to posting very soon. Meanwhile, are you keeping up with our friends at Telegram, Gettr, and TRUTH?

Lots of news crossing the threshold.

P.S. The queen is dead. 😏

Did the Queen help facilitate the murder of Diana?

Ultra Pepe Lives Matter has this opinion:

For those who say:  The Queen is good look at what Trump said about her.
She was not good.
She likely helped facilitate the murder of princess Diana.
She was part of the elite cult.
In my opinion though she repented before she died. I can’t prove it but it’s a hunch.

Do YOU have any thoughts about that?