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So for those who whine that things aren’t happening fast enough…

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I am one of those who have been awake a long time and frustrated with how slow the Great Awakening seems to be happening. At the same time, we at believe this is God’s Plan to Save the World unfolding and have said so in Blog 2: Was Q Foretold by God – The Q Prophecy. We also believe that the reason this is taking so long is that so many really have been brain damaged by the evil ones who’ve knowingly and willingly gone all in w/satan (we refuse to capitalize his name) and taken his mark of the beast in order to be given money, power, control, fame, etc. These will be found to have committed the one unforgivable sin of blaspheming the holy Ghost. After the Great White Throne Judgment (see Blog 9), God will destroy both soul and body in hell of these who worshiped satan.

    The current take down of evil is the removal of the beast (Nazi World Order) and false prophet (its lying philosophies) that are thrown in a lake of fire before King Jesus returns: we believe either the night of April 8, 2024 (see Blogs 2 & 4) or early October 2027. Then an Angel with the keys to the bottomless pit binds satan for 1000 years, and King Jesus returns to rule with an iron rod. This is the First Resurrection of those who are ready now (Matthew 25:10-12 who know the truth and have come to faith. They will rule with Him and teach and correct those who were too deceived and were left in the flesh. This time period is because of KJ’s great mercy that the most possible will be saved, whose only ‘crime’ was being too deceived to be part of the First Resurrection.

    So some of this many years of struggle Relentless Truth mentions will happen after KJ returns.

  2. I realize it seems very strange to all of us living now – nearly 2000 years after Jesus walked the earth when He first came to pay the world’s sin debt – to think about Jesus returning as King to rule for 1000 years with an iron rod over very many left in the flesh. And to think about those of us who will be part of the First Resurrection who will get our new bodies and rule with Him.

    It’s weird to consider co-mingling, but it happened when Jesus first came as the Son of Man and it has actually happened since when we consider that the gift at Pentecost of the holy Ghost is an entity of the Trinity that LIVES WITHIN those who have come to a true, saving faith: Romans 10:9

    Indeed, the First Resurrection, the 1000 years with many left in the flesh, the Great White Throne Judgment and THEN only the saved being ushered into the new heaven and new earth, where there will be no more pain, or evil, are all told to us in The Book of Revelation. Remember 1 Corinthians 2:9 – “But as it is written, The things which eye hath not seen, neither ear hath heard, neither came into man’s heart, are, which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

    Please enjoy my song, Where I Am Going, about the new heaven and new earth shown to John:

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