September 7, 2022

Here’s another thing most people forget.

All government employees are required to testify under oath before the Inspector General’s office that looks into corruption and law breaking of government employees.

If he was the leaker he was already forced to testify under oath or about to then he will be fired or forced into retirement.

This happened to all the major players in the top of the DOJ/FBI that tried to frame Trump.

September 7, 2022

It’s just a possibility. Podesta is completely evil but he leads to the global puppet masters who are even more evil. Has he flipped?

I’m not sure but until recently he’s been silent just like Huma and it’s curious to me he hasn’t played a bigger role in Durham’s court cases.

Seems odd to me.

September 8, 2022

The bottom is now in on the gold and silver miners and precious metals.

They are sitting on the launchpad ready to launch.

What will be the news story to trigger it?

Double digit inflation?

Fed even more aggressive?

Crashing European economies?

Major indictments?

Overturning of the election?

Something is about to rock the market in a big negative way and launch gold and silver miners to the moon.

Tick Tock 

September 8, 2022

This is what we’re watching.

This is an ETF that tracks the S&P 500.

The big boys that just got back from summer vacation are rallying the market but you can see in the yellow circles over the last couple of days they are selling to get out with massive volume at the very end of the day. I think the exact same thing will happen today and through next week.

What’s coming?

Earnings in October.

If you combine a surprise jump in inflation with horrible earnings in October we will see a crash.

How bad?

I dunno…but looks like the big boys on Wall Street know it’s coming.

September 8, 2022

As I’ve been saying…slowly but surely everyone is coming to realize that Trump wasn’t trapped but instead set the trap.

Game over!

Storm incoming!

HUGE revelations pertaining to the content of the documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago!

Trump confirms that the docs in question are the much anticipated docs he declassified before leaving office, and the reason he took them home under Executive Privilege was to PROTECT THEM FROM BEING DESTROYED BY THE DEEP STATE!

The docs aren’t JUST about the Iran Deal, or Russigate. They are about EVERYTHING!!!



September 9, 2022

Great interview by PGunnels of RTS

September 9, 2022

Brian Cates on point again

(Cates:) Durham used a false statement trial with Sussmann to map out the criminal conspiracy  of the Alfa Bank Hoax manufactured to target Donald Trump & his campaign associates. A criminal conspiracy hoax involving, in no particular order: the Clinton campaign, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS, Rodney Joffe and his cyber security employees, Orbis Business Intelligence, and various former officials at the FBI & the DOJ. 

The real goal of the trial wasn’t to convict a DC lawyer with no criminal record of a single false statement charge that would’ve led to a few months probation and a fine.  It was to pull the curtain back and establish the coordination between the conspirators and establish on record these conspirators will lie to the court about attorney/client privilege to duck federal grand jury subpoenas.  

The Sussmann trial reveals the ‘template’ for the upcoming Danchenko trial, which is now just one month away.  Sussmann was the Alfa Bank hoax criminal conspiracy, Danchenko is the Steele Dossier hoax criminal conspiracy. 

Nobody knew a thing about Hillary Clinton’s private spies all up in the federal agencies databases, hired to provide cybersecurity but also illegally tracking and stealing nonpublic info off those databases targeting Clinton’s political opposition.  

Until Durham proved it in court during the Sussmann trial.  

I encourage everybody again to read this because I have a fairly good grasp of what Durham will be laying out about the Steele Dossier criminal conspiracy during this trial.

By the time Durham starts dropping indictments for the clear criminal conspiracy all these people clearly and obviously engaged in, nobody will be able to say he’s some rabid attack dog making stuff out of thin air while pursuing an embattled Donald Trump’s political enemies.

Instead even much of the MSM will have to grudgingly admit: “OK yeah, he documented this stuff in the two trials he did thus far.  He does have some evidence for this insane conspiracy charge he just filed against…” 

Meanwhile anons will be going “ABOUT F**KING TIME!!!!”

Those responsible for forcing people to submit or die must be held accountable. Nuremberg 2.0.

September 9, 2022

Spit Ball

Something big that went unnoticed.

As a Texan I saw something right before the 2020 election that got some play in right wing news but I don’t believe people realize how big the story was or the impact it had.

It was just one battle in this war but I believe it had such an impact that it made the fight much more difficult for the enemy in the long run.

Let’s take a look back.

The AG of the Republic of Texas is Ken Paxton.

I have often described him as a bulldog and he proved it all through the Obama years suing and beating the Obama administration in court. 

He was such a thorn in Obama’s side that the corrupt Obama DOJ tried to charge him criminally with false accusations.

He won that fight too.

That was supposed to scare him off and silence him but it did the opposite.

He’s continued that tenacity by beating the Biden administration in every single lawsuit he’s filed against them.

Trump has a great relationship with him and has called him several times, the best AG in the country.

I second that!

But Paxton did something major right before the 2020 election which completely changed the narrative as we see it today.

Remember, we’re in a media narrative war for the hearts and minds of normies, not those of us already red pilled.

Trump knew they were going to steal the election. He not only said that over and over again but even described how they would do it, 

Using mail in ballots to stuff illegal votes into drop boxes, ballot harvesting and switching votes with the machines.

He made elections critical infrastructure and put the military in charge of protecting the election.

They did.

They captured all the evidence of fraud which violated the peoples constitutional right to vote.

But the plan WASN’T to prevent the steal but to allow it so we can expose it nationwide to completely transform our elections in every state and give the power back to the people.

That’s what’s about to happen.

But right before the 2020 election, Paxton ruled that the software and hardware of Dominion machines couldn’t be certified so could not be used.

Only state that did that if I remember right.


I think a big part of the enemy’s plan to steal the election involved Texas.

I believe Paxton was given a heads up in order to thwart the enemy’s plan and prevent them from winning the narrative war on the stolen election.

Imagine this scenario.

Biden steals the election just like it played out but also steals Texas?

Would any of the normies believe the election was stolen if they think Trump lost Texas?

But they didn’t need to steal Texas, if they just made it close it would create a similar narrative.

What if Biden barely lost Texas?

Do you see how that would have drastically changed the narrative on the election steal?

Every time Trump or anybody said the election was stolen, all the media would have to say is “that’s bogus cause Trump barely won Texas. He’s so unpopular.”

I believe that was the enemy’s plan that Trump foiled.

It would have been a lot easier for normies to swallow that Biden got over 80 million votes if it was close in Texas.

The democrats and the media were pushing hard before the election that Texas was in play and turning purple 

Anybody living in Texas knew that was a load of crap but this has always been a war for the normies.

Texas had cheating just like every state but I believe it was vastly limited by the actions Paxton took right before the election.

I also believe Paxton and the AG Brnovich in Arizona are about to play a much bigger role in overturning the election then people realize.

Those that focus on broken election laws are missing what Trump is doing and playing right into the enemy’s hands.

They want the fight to be about election laws not followed because that keeps it as a state issue.

Trump is doing something much bigger.

Power back to the people.

This is about the violation of the American peoples constitutional right to vote.

It was nationwide and effected everyone.

The narrative has shifted for those paying attention.

September 9, 2022

Trump has now repeatedly called for a new election as a remedy 

I think he’ll soon focus on the peoples right to vote being violated because that’s what the DIAMONDS are, not just his stolen election.

September 9, 2022

They are all corrupted but Paxton caught what they were going to do and I believe was given a heads up.

There was cheating in Texas, especially in the Fort Worth area but it was no where near what they had planned.

The democrats got crushed in Texas and Trump won easy.

I believe the military prevented them from switching votes and Paxton announcing he was banning Dominion gave cover for the military to protect the election.

That’s my spit ball.

September 9, 2022

Raiding of 35 Trump associates looks like the exact template as the Trump raid.

Media knew nothing about them.

Bannon announced them.

Another declass handoff?

Seems like these people seem to have something in common.

Weren’t they all involved in sharing the election steal evidence with state legislatures?

Hammer and Scorecard evidence on Obama?