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HUGE revelations pertaining to the content of the documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago. Trump made some comments to Newsmax and now today Devin Nunes saying he thinks that the docs are about Russiagate. 

In Report today from Newsmax, Trump claims he kept them under Executive Privilege, to PROTECT THEM FROM BEING DESTROYED BY THE DEEP STATE.1

“I think they thought it was something to do with the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax,”

Initially, I found this peculiar, because Trump himself confirmed some of the docs were pertaining to the Iran Deal last week, when he retruthed this post from Paul Sperry.

But based on Trump’s most recent comments to Newsmax, the docs are about essentially EVERYTHING! Trump said that the documents in question “expose a Deep State plot” against him. Which is the reason he Declassified them, and took the docs for protection. There are reportedly “11 sets of documents”, the FBI were interested in. 

So what are the docs about? ALL of the docs about Deep State’s crimes that Trump was concerned they might destroy. That could cover a wide variety of subjects. Thus far, we know some of the docs to pertain to the Iran Deal and Russiagate/Crossfire Hurricane, but what other crimes is Trump aware of that he might want to prevent the Deep State from destroying? Uranium One? Libya? Haiti? Benghazi? 9/11? JFK Assassination? 

Whatever else is in those docs, Trump is insinuating the FBI are looking to retrieve them to prevent him from showing it to the American People.

“They were afraid that things were in there — part of their scam material.”

Do you all see what’s happening here… all of the docs in question are the DECLAS docs!!! 

All the docs we have been waiting for for years… Trump took them home under Executive Privilege (just like Obama), and now the Deep State are after them. And now, somehow, Trump managed to get the entire public demanding to see what’s in those documents… 

The normies are unknowingly begging to see docs about the Iran Deal, Russiagate, and the rest of the treasure trove of proof of Deep State crimes.

Which is why he is so adamant about making them public, and why the FBI/DOJ are feverishly redacting anything and everything about the content of the documents. 

The stage is set for DECLAS. The normies are heavily anticipating these documents. They know the docs exist. It’s the most talked about story on Earth. They are salivating with anticipation, because the media have told them it leads to Trump’s demise.

While the Left think they are closing in, Trump just confirmed the boomerang is in effect. The docs don’t implicate him, they implicate the enemy in all of their most heinous crimes, and Trump wants them public.

I’m not sure how it goes down, or how DECLAS looks “legally”, but what I do know is, the entire world are BEGGING to see what’s in those docs. And the docs are all of the Deep State crimes. The DECLAS docs that have been promised to us for years now. The docs that will be the nail in the coffin of the enemy. 

Folks… the FBI raid opened the door to DECLAS… whether Trump controls the FBI or not, its quite apparent Trump controls the situation.