Ultra Pepe “Trump continues to taunt the Clintons”

Clandestine made some really interesting points about the fed raid. 

Trump continues to bring up the Clinton emails like he’s taunting them….he knew they were coming beforehand because we saw Scavino post the 45 door before it happened, Kushner himself said about the raid that Trump drives his enemies wild and they always overpursue him. 

All signs point to Trump playing 17d chess and the whichever enemies remain on the board getting played like a fiddle.  

It will be fascinating to see how this all goes down. 

Do you believe Trump trapped them into doing something foolish? Cause it sure seems like it. 


Yes. The docs that Trump had a Mar-a-Lago were, as Trump said himself, documents that he feared the Deep State would “bury or destroy”. 

Folks, the docs in question that the FBI were after, are literally ALL of the DECLAS docs. 

All of the proof of crimes by Deep State players. U1, Iran Deal, Crossfire Hurricane, Hunter Laptop, Hillary’s emails, Benghazi, Libya, Haiti. 


I covered this in an article a couple weeks back, (see article in previous post). This feels like the legal and public introduction to DECLAS. 


This is DECLAS!

HUGE revelations pertaining to the content of the documents seized by the FBI from Mar-a-Lago. Trump made some comments to Newsmax and now today Devin Nunes saying he thinks that the docs are about Russiagate. In Report today from Newsmax, Trump claims he kept them under Executive Privilege, to PROTECT THEM FROM BEING DESTROYED BY THE DEEP STATE.


Patri0tsareinContr0l ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thought this was interesting last night. Trump suggests that they raided Mar-a-Lago because they were looking for Hillary’s deleted emails.

Is DJT hinting that he’s had them this whole time? 🤔

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  1. How long ago was it that the weasel Garland initiated the order for the Mar-A-Lago raid? More than a year ago?

    Remember when Kash was being interviewed on a podcast said he was going to start releasing ALL of the unclassified documents, a few pages at a time? Wasn’t that around a month or so ago?

    Would Kashs’ statement have triggered the weasel to give the go-ahead for the raid?

    I had made a comment here on Radio Patriot as to why Kash hadn’t started releasing those docs.

    He never intended to release them. They took the bait.


    Trump and crew have always been 17 steps ahead of the clown car.

    This has been an interesting movie but I’m ready to see the traitors jerking at the end of their ropes.


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