Watching this clown make vapid promises, I want to tell him to SHUT UP. Levin looks as like he’s not taking the spoonful of bullshit McCarthy’s handing out either.

Like Newt Gingrich before him with the Contract with America that won Republicans the House Majority, Kevin McCarthy is taking a page from “The Speaker’s” successful policy. Tonight he spoke with Mark Levin about the new contract. But before you watch the vid, read this comment from someone on Telegram:

Both of these guys are establishment RINO’S. 

No pillar can be fulfilled with corrupt voting machines. I will just buy more pillows from Mike Lindell and watch his news.

I will give you some fixes. 

1- Get Rid of voting machines.

2- No mail out Ballots.

3- One day voting 

4- Get rid of the Eric System 

5- Clean the voter rolls. 

6- Remove illegal aliens 

7- Stop watching these RINO’S 

8- Vote McCarthy out of office and all his RINO buddies.


And now… Kevin McCarthy Part One

Kevin McCarthy part two