by Praying Medic

Why is Trump choosing this time to openly embrace Q?

My thoughts:

The plan regarding Q is to awaken the public to the realities of institutional corruption. 

Although the operation began with subtle hints that Trump was coordinating with Q, as we move closer to the public exposure and prosecution of bad actors, Trump’s involvement is being shown more overtly. This lends support to the messages found in Q posts, the research of anons, and signals to his base (and his enemies) that the storm is imminent. 

The present trajectory suggests that at a future time, Trump will openly admit that he is the originator of Q.

fter being banned from other platforms, I’m rebuilding my Q video library on Rumble.

In September of 2018, after another round of attacks by the media, Q said more attacks were coming.

An anon noticed that Q had been deleting posts from the board /patriotsfight/ and asked why. 

Q said that board was for subjects of general interest, but at a later date, when “all others sites ‘tracking’ collapse,” it would become the main hub of all comms. 

Q understood there was a plan to ban all discussion of his posts from the internet. We watched  that happen when Q related accounts were removed from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Patreon in 2020 & 2021.

Q suggested that censorship would worsen to the point where 8chan would be the only platform left where his posts could be discussed. Not long after this post, 8chan itself was deplatformed. 

The Q team anticipates moves by the deep state pretty well. Even if they try to take down the internet, I believe Trump & the military have a plan to make available a platform for the discussion of institutional corruption led by Q.

I do not think Truth Social is the long-term plan. I believe  the military will stand up a proprietary internet they control with portals we can access.

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