Look closely. What do you see?

Jordan Sather

The “National Intelligence Manager for Aviation” office of the Air Force rolled out a new logo over the weekend.

What do you see?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Oh my…. just read an article about a UFO spotted in concord nh
    Videotaped by a person claiming it was chased by 3 helicopters that flew directly over his house
    I saw the video

  2. It’s also reminiscent of the letter Q. But the scuttlebutt I’ve heard is that the USAF has developed “flying saucers”, hence the many sightings as of late. Guess we’ll see!

  3. Someone in the ‘Military… Art Department’ gave his 5 year old permission to “draw a nice picture of the sky”…. colorful arrows were added…Planes coming out of Africa to the US, and a UFO, just for fun.
    Just the Usual Monday-Friday CRAP we have all come to expect.

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