I’ve done some Q compilations on some key words and the number of mentions this morning and thought I’d share them with you. 

Trust Grassley———2

Trust Kansas————2

Trust Wray—————3

Trust yourself———-23

Trust the plan———-48

Have faith—————-48






God bless——————96

God wins——————-11

We win—————➡️17⬅️

Everything here it is a positive for us to rest in. 

Waiting can be difficult but it will be completely overshadowed in victory. 

Keeping our faith in God and praying for those he has appointed will surely bring us into celebration.

Congress is a vital part of this whole plan. For all intents and purposes, Congress decides on spending and budgets. They also are responsible for oversight of all the things including the three letter agencies. 

If DJT came back before the midterms, he’d still have the current corrupt Congress. By exposing the cheating so much that the cheaters are now caught between a rock and hard place it gives us a better chance of winning. Plus, there’s so many more people motivated to vote this November. 

When we get our new Congress, they can kick some serious butt! They will have the authority to cut budgets to the three letter agencies. Which will potentially “smash them into a thousand pieces”. 

For years the three letter agencies have hidden behind national security and classified information so they can skirt around congressional oversight. 

When DJT comes back with a new kick butt Congress he can then ( if he hasn’t already) declassify docs needed for oversight. 

The Shadow Government will be brought into the light and be held accountable.

The Democrats are too dirty not to try some dirty trick to sway it in their direction. We can’t get overconfident and believe that mass numbers of us voting alone will be enough to stop them from trying to pull off another steal.

I dont think they stopped the rigging in 2016. The race was close and the rig was likely set at 5%. The Trump turnout simply overcame the rig. That’s why they were shocked! 

They knew they were screwed in 2020, so they had to have mail in cheating.

They can stop the electronic vote switching. No doubt.

But how do they stop the illegal ballot stuffing without mass arrests?

The whole story is the machines set up by every state legislature in the country have mandated machines that weren’t certified in order to steal the American peoples right to vote.

They were shown the fraud and certified anyway.

They’ve been shown even more fraud and still haven’t decertified.


They have plenary power.

Don’t they?

They don’t need a court to tell them to.

But the truth is they are the ones that stole the diamonds and the courts will remedy that — Joe Lange