Yeah, that Ted Kennedy, brother of JFK. The only one that managed not to be assassinated. The one that woke up in a ditch with a dead girl next to him as a warning. He died of brain cancer in 2008. His two older brothers were shot to death. His daughter Kara, a lung cancer survivor, died of a heart attack at age 51 (2011). His son Edward had a rare bone cancer tumor and lost a leg in childhood, then missed the Jan 13,1982 Air Florida Flight 90 by 10 minutes (it crashed into the Potomac). His son Patrick has battled drug and alcohol addiction since college; he served in the House beginning in 1994 as a Rep. for Rhode Island, but did not run for reelection in 2010.  In 2006 he pled guilty to DUI of prescription drugs and went into a month of rehab. After Congress he battled against systemic opioid addiction and indirectly partnered with the Trump admin in 2018 to aid companies combatting the opioid crisis. He endorsed Obama in 2008 (which probably explains why he is still alive).

The Kennedy curse: the price of knowing who and what the cabal is, daring not to bow to them, and paying the price in blood. Making compromises to stay alive and in the fight. I have had to completely rethink my opinion of the Kennedy family.

–Mike Bannon, Telegram