Joe Lange:

“My latest spit ball my friends!
Big happenings”

Spit Ball 

The Perfect Storm

 What better way to set the table for overturning the 2020 election than Hunter being indicted?

Everything planned and timed.

This is a movie specifically for the normies.

The head of Konnech gets indicted in LA county by a Soros DA.

No coincidences.

All planned.

Biggest county in the country.

Most corrupt election system in California.

What are the odds Trump won California in 2020?

What are the odds Trump not only knows it but has the evidence?

Can you imagine the shock for the normies when all of a sudden they find evidence on Mr Yu’s hard drives that the CCP stole California using Konnech software?

California is known for earthquakes but this one might shake the globe.

It won’t be hard to convince the normies that the entire election was stolen nationwide in every state if you can prove California was stolen.

The Konnech arrest unlocked the door.

Now it’s time to set the table for the normies.

The majority of the American people already believe there was major fraud in the 2020 election.

They don’t believe Biden got 80 million votes.

They also have heard him accused of being corrupt.

A Hunter Biden indictment makes that front and center and sets the table for removing Biden.

What better way to introduce to the normies that the election was stolen with help from China than to first introduce the Biden crime family’s connection to the CCP?

The overturning of the election is THE MAJOR BATTLE.

It will all be exposed to the normies in court.


Evidence of the Biden’s corruption and connection to China and evidence of the conspiracy to steal the election nationwide.

The overturning of the election then opens the door to everything we’ve been waiting for.

A constitutional crisis.

Military taking control publicly and mass arrests.

The countdown has started my friends.

Tik Tok 😁😁

(Pun intended)