The Konnech story just gets better and better for The New York Times. In a new legal filing [10/13] yesterday, prosecutors accused Eugene Yu of CONSPIRING with others to commit a crime, further embarrassing the trash news outlet for their initial reporting.

For decades, the Fake News has used the term “conspiracy theory” to attack anyone that searches for truth, so it’s great to see them finally fall flat on their faces as a result.

— PatriotsAreInControl, Telegram

Looks like Gregg, Catherine & TrueTheVote showed enough proof for Judge Hoyt to order the case “held in abeyance”.

Everything appears to be on a “temporary hold” until October 19……

No decisions on:

•The Temporary Restraining Order

•The Motion for Preliminary Injunction

•The Motion for Order to Show Cause

Gregg’s attorney requested Judge Hoyt wait & see Mr. Yu’s unsealed indictment & Gregg’s Grand Jury testimony before he proceeds.

The unsealing of Mr. Yu’s indictment will enable this Court more effectively to assess the credibility of the only evidence supporting Plaintiff’s essential contentions in this actionMr. Yu’s affidavit unenhanced through live testimony and untested through cross examination.” – Karma Patriot, Telegram