October Surprises are rolling out.

More to come…

BioClandestine writes:

“We are 25 days out from the midterms, and the October surprises are beginning to roll out.

Nancy Pelosi has a full documentary crew following her around everywhere, and the Dems appear to be going all-in on Jan 6th, hoping to generate enough emotional response to swing voters in their favor.

This tells me they have absolutely nothing.

If Trump was going to be indicted, they wouldn’t have to go to these lengths to convince the sheep that Jan 6th was worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11.”

I have a sense that we’re going to be learning more about the FBI’s involvement in Seth Rich’s murder.

Finally! Thank you Tucker!!!

We have three things issued at 1:29 aka Q-watch time: >IG report >Durham rebuttal >Barr rebuttal >We have confirmation that there are no coincidences.

So that means one of three things: 1. Horowitz, Durham and Barr are all in communication with Q


2. Horowitz, Durham and Barr were specifically directed by Q+ to issue their reports/rebuttals at precisely 1:29 PM (“Why, POTUS?” “You’ll find out. Just do it.”)


3. Some combination of the above.

If Alex Jones has to pay $900,000,000 for offending people with words, what do the pharmaceutical companies have to pay for actually physically hurting and killing people?

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