Almost nothing would make me happier than to see FB shut down for good.

Facebook is invested in the vaccines. That has been reported. This is evil censorship for money. Facebook should be confiscated because of crimes against humanity and shut down. Their hubris will be their downfall. Part of the reason the court is allowing the deposition is because Slavitt bragged about his censorship role on a podcast. —Tracy Beanz.

“The Court finds that Plaintiffs have proven that Andrew Slavitt has personal knowledge about the issue concerning censorship across social media as it related to COVID-19 and ancillary issues of COVID-19.”

“…Slavitt’s own description of his role on a podcast that he went on showed he has specific knowledge as it relates to these issues”


3. Jen “Peppermint Commie” Psaki:

“Jennifer Psaki (Psaki) is the former White House Press Secretary of President Biden. She is a Defendant in this case. Plaintiffs move to depose Psaki for a multitude of reasons.”

(Don’t credit me for the nickname. I got it from @CitizenFreePress. Happy 2,000 days team! Congrats.)


By Radiopatriot

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