Don’t believe it?

Limited Collector’s Cheddition…

Look at their website…

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Yeah, I havnt looked at the ingredients but I bet they are made with crickets. And why isn’t a black tranny on the box? I’m outraged.

  2. Lmao
    Bet they lose a ton of business with this crap
    I don’t eat this junk but if I did I’d boycott these morons
    When “pride” month was here I boycotted everything that had the rainbow that they hijacked from God
    Go woke go broke
    Let the people choose!
    Oh… and I have openly gay relatives and friends that would not buy into this mind control bullshit either
    They just want to live their lives and be left alone…AND I ran away from home when I was 14 and I lived in the street until a couple of female impersonators found me sleeping under a bench in Boston common and took me in.
    They and others were performing at the Green Apple and the Golden Banana ( giving away my age) near Boston and got me a job working back stage doing hair and makeup
    They probably saved my life for a couple years 🤔

    1. A date took me to The Green Apple (or was it The Pickle Barrel?) on US 1 in Peabody/Saugus as a hoot. It was quite the evening and my first “exposure” to exaggerated hair, eyelashes, boobs, sequins, feathers, rhinestones, and overwhelming perfume. Quite an eye opener. Maybe you were there then, helping out backstage!!!

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