Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp are experiencing outages.

Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp are experiencing outages.

ICYMI — Whistleblower Edward Snowden has cautioned against celebrating Meta’s downfall too early, suggesting it could still bounce back and pose a threat to society.

“Sure laugh at Zuckerberg’s stock crash,” Snowden tweeted on Thursday, adding that people should not forget that “in five years he’s gonna own your eyeballs and pause the ads every time you blink.” (RT)

The date is Friday October 28. 3:44pmET

Michael aka BigMike Obama has 22.2 Million Followers

Let’s see how this changes 


–MJ Truth

Timcast IRL: Free Speech Equals the Playing Field – More Important Than Any Election

“If you have freedom of speech, then you have the ability to fight back. And you have the ability to … debate … and actually argue your position,” stated Jack Posobiec.

And Luke Rudkowski weighed in with this comment: “It equals the playing field between the most powerful people in this world and everyone else. It is the quintessential David vs. Goliath.”

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  1. I find that comment from Edward Snowden quite fascinating….so Zuckerberg will own our eyes in 5 years? Well that speaks volumes, i thought Zucky was going to be arrested and not owning ANYTHING in 5yrs time for going to Epstein Island, and among all the rotten things he has done. It goes to show there are so many psyops and not to trust anything but your OWN instincts. DISGRACEFUL

  2. Outage because they are cleaning up their BOTS and/or security? I know Apple has BOTS that stopped me from posting to Facebook – and, I presume same to Twitter – and, these Bots and/or peeps were overriding – blocking and changing my attempted posts. So, I presume all these apps have some security cleanups to do, as their people are controlling posting. They are all networked to prevent people from posting.

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