Texas Judge insists True The Vote reveal source

Late Thursday afternoon a judge hearing a defamation case in a Texas courtroom found True The Vote’s Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht in contempt of court and threatened to jail them if they did not meet a Monday deadline to hand over the name of a confidential informant

Complicating matters is the fact that earlier in this case when True The Vote submitted the name of another confidential informant under seal to this same judge, the judge required True the Vote’s former lawyers to read the name out loud in open court, blowing the informants identity.

This same judge is now very very hot and bothered to get the name of a second confidential informant involved in uncovering Eugene Yu & Konnech’s crimes. 

Independent journalist Ivory Hecker was in the courtroom and you can view her report on the day’s events here.

Phillips would only go so far as to reveal that the person is question who’s name is being demanded is a confidential FBI informant, and Phillips stated he wanted to contact the FBI and get permission to reveal the name to the judge privately. 

Naturally, given how the judge handled the first informant’s name being supplied to the court under seal, Phillips and Engelbrecht are understandably exceedingly reluctant to provide the name of this second informant, who also happens to be a CI for the FBI, to this judge. 

Judge Hoyt did not like this development, not being able to get this informant’s name after demanding the defendants surrender it for past two weeks. Is it that he’s as eager to put this confidential informant’s name on the public record as he did with the first one? 

Allow me to state for the record that it is in fact **illegal** to expose a confidential informant working for the FBI. Perhaps Judge Hoyt should take this into consideration before events proceed further. 

This confidential FBI informant, whoever it is, played a key role in bringing a massive data breach of US election security to light. Naturally, people who aren’t happy this data breach was discovered and has now become public want to find out who this person is so they can start their payback and retaliation. 

What’s exceedingly strange about this ongoing defamation case is that it’s acknowledged by all parties involved that Eugene Yu was arrested and is currently under criminal investigation for doing exactly what True The Vote claimed he did: steal confidential client information and send it to China. 

Has Communist China Infiltrated U.S. Election Systems? - American Media ...
Konnech CEO & founder Eugene Yu, currently under criminal investigation for doing exactly what Gregg Phillips & Catherine Engelbrecht publicly accused him of: signing fraudulent contracts with clients who PII he then stole and sent to China

In all the contracts Konnech signed with county election officials in the US, it clearly states Konnech will store the county’s confidential information **only** on secure servers inside of the United States. Taking that confidential client information and knowingly transmitting it to China and storing it there is a direct breach of contract. 

George Gascón on Twitter: "El Fiscal de Distrito George Gascón anunció ...
LA County District Attorney George Gascon

Los Angeles County investigators working under District Attorney George Gascon arrested Eugene Yu on October 4, less than one month after Yu and Konnech had filed this defamation lawsuit in the Southern District of Texas.

US District Judge Kenneth Hoyt, who seems intent on publicly revealing the name of an FBI CI after already exposing the name of a different informant given to his court under seal

For some strange reason Judge Kenneth Hoyt seems to have things backwards here about who violated laws and entered into fraudulent contracts with unsuspecting clients and is currently under investigation by at least one US county for stealing confidential client information and sending it illegally outside of the United States to China. 

Let’s be clear about the record here: it was in no way defamatory whatsoever in any way, shape or form for True The Vote to publicly state at The Pit in Arizona or afterwards that Eugene Yu and his company Konnech had broken the law and had illegally sent US poll worker’s personal identification information to China where it was being hosted on an unsecure server.

Because there’s apparently enough evidence seen by criminal investigators in LA County to seat a grand jury, then indict and arrest Yu with the intention of taking him to trial. 

For his own reasons, Judge Hoyt appears to agree with Konnech that Phillips and his team ‘hacked’ their way into the unsecure Chinese server upon which all of this illegally stored poll worker PII was discovered. 

Phillips disputes this hacking claim and says he and his team found the server with this information on it in an unsecure state and were able to access it without breaking or hacking into it by illegal means. 

Irrespective of whether or not that poll worker PII was stolen from US counties and sent to China by illegal means, Judge Hoyt is focused on how Gregg Phillips and his confidential informant got into the server located in China and accessed the data that was stored on it. 

Perhaps Judge Hoyt agrees with Konnech’s lawyers that Konnech ‘legally’ stole all that client confidential information and sent it to China ‘fair and square’ so it’s their property now and nobody can copy what they legally stole and stored in China without their express permission. If so, I don’t think most reasonable people with agree with that take. 

Gregg took to his Truth Social account after court ended and posted this:

Catherine then posted this to the True The Vote account:

This case needs a lot of national attention. A massive breach of the security of confidential election-related information in multiple US counties occurred here, and it looks like the people that uncovered this crime and attempted to get authorities to act on it are being targeted by lawfare retaliation for the public service they performed. 

The pair of patriots have stood firm and said they will not reveal their confidential informant’s name. They are willing to go to jail if need be. 

Judge Hoyt ended the proceedings on Thursday by warning the pair he will have the US Marshals take them into custody and send them to jail if they do not cough up the name by Monday October 31st. 

I don’t think Gregg and Catherine are bluffing here. If he follows through, Judge Hoyt is going to have to jail them. How long they would end up in jail is anybody’s guess. 

Please pray for these two brave Truth warriors as they face down the forces of corruption who are trying to avoid the real issues raised by the truth they uncovered on an unsecure server in China. 

I don’t think the outcome of this case is any real doubt. It’s just a question of how ugly Judge Hoyt and Konnech’s lawyers want to make this before Konnech is forced to drop this lawsuit because their corrupt company did exactly what Gregg and Catherine claimed it did.


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