What happened yesterday?  What happened in the grip of an intractable surveillance and police state cabal that has full spectrum dominance over every institution we have?  From Academia, The Media, Big Tech, Hollywood, Wall Street, the Fed, Congress, The White House and the entire Administrative State?

We punched them in the face yesterday at the ballot box so hard that, despite the MSM happy dance football spike, we have at this moment NOT LOST THE COUNTRY and are poised to win full control of Congress.

President Trump had an incredible day yesterday.  He endorsed 183 candidates. ONLY 9 did not go his way!  

This is NOT OVER.  It’s just beginning.  Now more than ever it’s time to focus and have steely resolve…not crawl up in the fetal position.

All the odds have been stacked against us.  But we are prevailing and those responsible for what they’ve done to our beautiful country will be held accountable. 

~ Major Patriot