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Regarding what President Trump wrote today about Florida governor Ron DeSantis (Our President’s Truths), Just Human had this to say:

“It doesn’t matter if everyone who is a supporter follows along with the twists and turns of the story, the inner works, etc… as long as they watch the show. No one who supports both Trump and DeSantis is going to suddenly decide to not support Trump when he is the nominee in 2024. Hell, they probably wont even remember these Truths or statements. 

IMO, this is about: 

#1: Exposing the GOPe, ConInc, and donor class. 

#2: Creating distance between Trump and DeSantis, probably because DeSantis is about to do something that is a great help to Trump. Such as, more election fraud arrests. 

#3: Getting the media’s full attention for something Trump is gonna do or reveal soon.”

Normies watching ConInc are gonna be like “WTF?” And start questioning ConInc, finally, and they are gonna want to know who it is that is trying to push DeSantis against Trump in 2024.

So after all of this you think President Trump wants to air out dirty laundry very publicly and after all the efforts and saying that the best is yet to come you are actually going to believe that the most important governor is at odds with President Trump…?  

The art of the deal

Art of War


I guess after the past 2 years we just really have to establish that President Trump is just a sophomoreish moron.

–CincyRichieRich, Telegram

DJT does not make mistakes. This is a very big operation with many people and events to organize, so he’s not gambling or guessing. He also doesn’t play a straightforward game, but if you watch for headfakes, you can sometimes tell when to expect the unexpected.  — Tammrae, Telegram

By Radiopatriot

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  1. When I heard the Donald address him as “Ron DeSanctimonious” I was floored … then shock crept in. That lasted about ten seconds.

    My mind whirled through the events and actions of the last six plus years, with the underlying thought of how the Donald has been able to manipulate the deep state on. every. single. step.

    I doubt *very, very seriously* that our President has been caught off-guard by *anything* the deep state has done. He and the people who asked him to run for the President of the United States prepared themselves for *every possible scenario* as they planned their path. Game theory.

    People need to keep in mind, if they know details of DJTs’ life, that he’s a rare breed … very intelligent with an uncommon amount of common sense, logic and critical thinking.

    Every. Word. & Movement. is *intentional*.

    After those ten seconds I knew he was implementing the next step in ‘the plan’.

    At least a couple of times in the last couple of years I have mentioned at least a few times one of the books that has influenced our Presidents’ strategies, whether it be politics or a business action: Sun Tzus’ ‘The Art of War’. I recommended to those who were genuinely concerned about the future of our great nation and how our President was battling the deep state to read – or re-read – that book.

    It’s time for a refresher, even if it’s a quick speed-read.

    Ask yourself *why* the Donald would call the Florida governor an insulting twist of his name. Seriously. It’s the introduction to his next magnum opus.

    Out of character? Hell, no, especially according to the Mockingbird Media. “That arrogant overloaded ego of Donald J. Trump is at it yet again.” They have gobbled that up like it was already Thanksgiving and the tryptophan has already put them to sleep. They have no clue.

    Remember this is an extremely complex, multi-dimensional game and the Donald is a dozen steps ahead of who he’s playing and he *is* winning. The game has to play out to the end for a *complete win*.

    War has no realistic time-table, only an event time-line. For the 2020 election there weren’t enough people awake to effectively get the masses involved in the war against the deep state. There *were* enough for the mid-terms and they were ready for their criminal activities.

    Activated National Guard cyber monitoring units (14 is what is publicly known), Space Force cyber monitoring units along with True the Vote and countless other patriots who have been involved with catching the criminals in their acts will be one of the millstones tied to the deep state necks in the near future.

    Proof of their criminal activities will be undeniable.

    We’re getting closer to the end of this game. We all wanted this to be over yesterday. A major point to keep in mind is this *has* to be a total destruction of the deep state / cabal. We don’t want to see the head of the evil demon pop up again in a few years; with Gods’ grace, Never.

    In the mean time do what you are able to rein in your emotions. Remember everything our President says or does is intentional and well planned out. NONE of it is impulse.

    Expect something very winning coming out of this kayfabe between the Donald and the Ronald. You’ll slap your forehead when it materializes.

    It’s well worth the wait.

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