Karma Patriot writes:

In my opinion, this screams two tiny words: PLEA DEAL.

It reminds me so much of Imran Awan….get caught trying to flee the country for stealing intel from the DNC after being given access to all emails & servers of Congress/White House (& sending it to foreign agents), but end up only being charged with bank fraud?!?

Send poll worker data to China to help rig American elections, but get the charges dropped & a “new team of investigators”?!?

There’s an Awan article I compared it to last night….crazy parallels in the two cases.

We only learned of Imran Awan’s plea deal when the judge was forced to admit Awan was cooperating with another federal case bc a FOIA was filed.

Saying Eugene Yu “sang like a bird” in exchange for a plea deal or “Queen for a Day” arrangement would only give the enemy a heads up, so (as usual) only time will tell.

But there’s wayyyy more to this story…..