I believe there are at least two major crises that will definitely bring Trump back for before 2024. 

1) the open border

2) Taiwan and nuclear war

Trump has continually stressed the emergency situation and major humanitarian crises due to the open borders, that can not go for another 2 or more years.  It must be secured as soon as possible. 

And even with majority of Republicans in House and Senate will have little power to solve the situation.  Only the President has the power to secure the border, and he knows and we know Biden will never do it. 

And he also knows China will attempt to invade Taiwan, and Biden will do nothing to intervene.  

He also knows Biden regime will try to start a nuclear war with Russia and North Korea.   

Trump will be only the person to prevent those events from happening.

Joe Lange:

I think there are two different things being confused.

If Trump annunciation he’s running in 2024 for optics that doesn’t mean he can’t be reinstated before then if the election is overturned.

Remember, he said he wanted a remedy of a new election or to be reinstated.

What if it’s both?

The election is exposed and overturned by others as he’s running for president to confuse the media and distract them and then he is reinstated as the war time president who kept his oath to protect the country from an insurgency because Biden is playing pretend.

Then a new election with no more cheating, paper ballots, no machines and voter ID?

It’s a possibility.

To me, Kari Lake is a major player now on the chessboard for exposing it all but she doesn’t take office till January 



I agree that a Trump announcement he is running will not interfere with devolution.

I wondered what happened to your new election theory, since you had moved your timeline to closer to 2024.  Now I know you still have that theory.

When the 2020 election is overturned, by whatever means…. I think Biden below 270 may be the most likely –  I think the likeliest scenario is 3 states decertifying (Arizona, Pennsylvania, and one other state, possibly Wisconsin.  AZ will clearly be waiting in the wings under Kari!

I don’t think reinstatement or a new election is possible.   I still stand by the Contingent election in the House of Reps that we will NOW control.

Joe Lange:

I’ll tell you what made me rethink my theory.

Remember, I thought the overturning of the election would happen before the midterms for the simple fact that the narrative would shift from 2020 steal to now move on and look ahead to 2024.

That is exactly what’s happening. The media, the left and RINO’s are all pivoting towards that narrative as fast as they can.

But here’s what caught my eye.

Two things.

First, Trump is helping push that same enemy narrative. He’s encouraging it by creating feuds openly with the two candidates the enemy want to use to divide us.

Trump can easily beat either one so why push that narrative?

Why help them?

As I’ve said, I think it’s a distraction and optics to separate himself from what he knows is coming which is the overturning of the election.

The second thing that made me change my position is this.

Kari Lake.

You said the midterms were important and you were right, but it isn’t to decertify and get Biden below 270.

Kari Lake is the most outspoken person on the planet next to Trump when it comes to the steal in 2020.

She has openly claimed she’s going to expose it and hasn’t backed down.

It’s no coincidence the only forensic audit in history happened in Arizona.

The evidence has all been gathered and just waiting for someone with the power as governor to expose it and then prosecute people.

She has the balls to do it and is going to do it and if there was a single state in the country that the military was going to protect and prevent from being stolen, it was Arizona.

I didn’t understand at the time how big a piece on the chessboard Kari was to exposing and overturning this whole thing was which is why I believe Trump is handing her the baton to bring the house down.

If I’m right then the timeline has shifted till at least early 2023 when she is sworn in.

All just my opinion though