I’m with Spitballer Bob Hamilton:

“This taps into what I’m seeing. I don’t for a minute believe that this “feud” between Trump and DeSantis (or Youngkin) is real. This is pure theater. However, a lot of people on our side do believe it’s real.

We’re two years out from a clearly fraudulent election. While there are clearly things happening behind the scenes, nothing concrete has been done to address that fraud. On top of that we had the midterms this week in which several races were, or are in the process of being, stolen. 

I firmly believe that election fraud is going to be addressed – in what manner I don’t know. What I do know is that for many people we’ve reached a critical juncture – one might even say a breaking point. Everyone has their own limits, but we are fast approaching a point where if we don’t see some dramatic action to directly address these frauds you’re going to see a lot of people throw up their hands and give up.

I had thought we would start to see something happen after the Republicans gain control of both houses. While it looks like the House is a lock the Senate is still very much in doubt as the Democrats continue to create… I mean, “find” more ballots and drag the counting out so they know how many they need to “find.” If the Democrats get a 51-49 senate, not only will we not see anything meaningful to address the important issues, we are facing a crisis ahead unlike anything in our history back to the Civil War.

In my opinion we need to see tangible actions to address the Fraud of 2020 and what we saw and are seeing this week, no later than February or March. Beyond that you’ll be getting into the 2024 election season, and I don’t see action being taken to address fraud once we get to that point. And if we get to spring with nothing still having been done I think that would be a black pill for most people that could not be overcome. We’re already seeing people giving up after this latest fraud. Let this continue to fester and you’ll have no end of fighting amongst ourselves and the MAGA movement would tear itself apart from within.

I really hope Trump’s announcement on the 15th is something more substantive than merely him telling us he’s running in 2024. While I support him unapologetically such an announcement is not what MAGA needs right now.”