Topic: Perspective

Capt. Seth Keshel

4 hr ago


In the aftermath of a very disappointing repeat of the 2020 quasi-election, Americans, even Democrats, await an announcement from President Trump on the evening of November 15.

There is much speculation about just what exactly may be announced, ranging from dark horse possibilities to chalk picks. I foresee three potential announcements that demand such prominent foreshadowing.

I. Announcement of a Run for President in 2024

This is the chalk pick, with the lowest risk and the least reward for guessing this one. After the midterm debacle tainted with massive cheating, especially in the key states President Trump must win in 2024, I don’t feel so confident this is what will unfold.

President Trump certainly intends to be in the presidential field in 2024, but also must realize that he will essentially be moving on from 2020 by doing so. Perhaps with half of this presidential term expired, that is his choice.

II. Revelation of Massive Election Fraud in the 2022 Midterm and a Rejection of Results

President Trump is hinting at his displeasure over midterm returns. At this very moment, races are still being ripped off thanks to cheat-by-mail and the ability to count votes until the “correct” winner pulls or safely remains ahead. Our nation’s most critical symbolic race, for Governor of Arizona, hangs in the balance.

III. Announcement of a New Political Party

I once subscribed to the belief that the only hope for preventing Democrats in office was to vote Republican, no matter if they were named McCain, Romney, or Kemp. It is now clear after not only the 2020 and 2022 elections, but the 2018 midterms, that the Beltway GOP controls the political destiny of everything on the non-left, and colludes with the kayfabe Democrat enemy when it needs to dispatch threats to their own political power. 

President Trump is the only political figure in America with enough charisma to birth a new political party, one that would be sizable enough to immediately relegate the corrupt GOP to the third largest party in the country. It is clear that two-party manipulation of our political system is fatal if left untreated. The disbanding of the duopoly is inevitable. 

When in the course of human events…