Pepe Lives Matter:

“Milo went on Tim Pool’s show and spoke some interesting truths about Trump and the midterms worth hearing:

“I don’t think anyone is seriously in favor of DeSantis unless they are paid to be. If you are on Megan McCain’s side, you’re on the wrong side. You’re out of your mind if you think that somebody with the charisma of a potted cactus can go up against Donald Trump and not end as just another causality on the list. And looking at the rogues gallery of people who are being paid to support DeSantis..You are being charmingly naive for falling in line with the worst people in this country who want more than anything for the will of the people to subverted. They want to suffocate Trump and all he stands for. He is merely a proxy… The DeSantis project is about ensuring that Trump was a temporary unfortunate blip never to be repeated. Because they think they have the right to determine that. I don’t think that’s going to pan out for them. I think they are going to continue to be humiliated… Trump is a once in a generation charismatic authority that cannot be replicated..”

“They wanted shrieking. They wanted to see liberals panic.. They were robbed of this victory by people who should have had their backs. What they correctly intuited is that this was another of the powers that be in the Republican party leaving money on the table. Actively sabotaging that the base likes most because they hate them. And they are right about that. Republicans are acting out not cause they are babies are choosing the losers, they are acting out because they were wronged on they knew it… They are justly indignant because they know they have been betrayed by the people they pay to have their backs.”

“What happened in 2016 was the last time that half this country felt good about themselves and there might be hope. You cannot fight that… That there world wouldn’t be ripped apart..The reason that people will flock to him because he was the last guy that made them feel like justice and hope was in reach.”