Trump reTruths, Part 3

By Radiopatriot

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    1. Not so, Steve.
      The Constitution does not provide for any provisions or legislature stating that the Speaker of the House of Representatives needs to be a member of this chamber of Congress in order to be eligible. Essentially, anyone that meets the requirements of eligibility for the office may be considered for nomination.

      The requirements are the same as those for any other seat in the House of Representatives. However, those that have shown a skill for leadership will be given extra consideration.
      The three basic requirements are:

      ● At least twenty-five years old
      ● Citizen of the United States for the
      previous seven years
      ● An inhabitant of the State they are to represent at the time of the election.

    2. Steve.
      If that was true then ,, How did AOC get in congress? She was a bartender for gods sake . Do your homework first before saying anything

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