And it’s only Monday!

From Gary Fisher, telegram:

Let’s see, all in one day. 

Maricopa certifies

Cochise does not certify 

LaVerne County PA doesn’t certify

Hobbs suing Cochise County for not certifying 

Maricopa BOS gets fire and brimstone thrown at them from the public speakers

Musk trolling Apple

Musk to release free speech suppression files

Trump calling out Biden and Jack Smith

And so much more. 

I’d say it’s been a good day for the Patriots.

And it’s only Monday.


There’s about1.4 million Republicans in Arizona.  Will they let this stand or will they peacefully stop AZ commerce in Arizona until it’s fixed?


Hard to say. Things are really heating up in the state. I am really suspecting that there may be peaceful protest   coming soon. I haven’t heard any news regarding Kari Lake’s court filing this morning. Maybe I just missed it. 

 Katie Hobbs can sue all she wants but she is going to end up in jail along with so many others. There is a price to pay when you don’t do what is right and just to uphold your oath of office. 

The straw that breaks the camels back is on its way.


I don’t know if it means anything but I looked at the numbers on the water bottle, 626, and I looked up post 626 and it talks about, Chatter exploding, change of narrative, mass awakening. 

A lot of this could be coming from Twitter when Elon lets anons back on starts releasing information. I don’t know. It’s just a wild guess.

This is a response in regards to the picture of Elon‘s night stand that he posted earlier today.

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