About President Trump’s “Announcement”

from Tammrae at Telegram’s Just Human chat channel on Nov. 15, 2022


Tammrae 🍎, [Nov 15, 2022 at 10:49:00 PM]:

I stayed up to watch it. It was full of useful information. I hear it all as a script with foreshadowing, giving clues to what we can expect in the near term. I’m sure there will be plot twists as well as a precipice and darkness leading to light. And maybe Bollywood dancing.

I really hope there’s Bollywood dancing.

But look at his timing. Diesel fuel supply runs out in a few days, supposedly. This will slow deliveries by trucks and trains.


Besides the fuel, Trump drew our attention to all that is wrong, or about to be wrong—the economy, the border, potential 3rd world war. He’s going to be the one, he says, to lead us out of this.

So, with my literary analysis hat on, this would be the best time for the author to give this character the axe (figure of speech) and heighten the drama by seemingly killing off the hero, the one guy who could save us. Of course, in the movies, we would know he couldn’t really be dead; otherwise, we wouldn’t have coughed up $20 to see the movie. But we would bite our nails just the same, because we suspended disbelief. 

But if you don’t enjoy drama and suspense, go ahead and resume disbelief in this fictional narrative. Trust God, not Trump, and just do the thing in front of you. And look for other people to reassure when the matrix they’re in gets scary.

By Radiopatriot

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