Kevin McCarthy

RINO Kevin McCarthy applauds the January 6th capitol police as they receive medals:

“Today we pay tribute to their service and sacrifice on January 6th. These brave men and women stood strong in the line of duty for our country, and we’re forever grateful.”

I have no words.

MJ Truth, Telegram

This is part of the reason people understandably don’t truth McCarthy as people think he conspired with Liz Cheney to recommend Trump resign from office.

I don’t know if the man is good or bad, but Trump went out of his way to categorically separate him from other “RINO lowlifes.”

I do have questions though… 

– Who recorded this?

– Who released it?

– Who was it “leaked” to?

– Who steered the conversation?

– Scripted?

– Who does this hurt?

– Who is still around & who is not?

– Mission accomplished?

McCarthy also went on record on Twitter before the audio was “leaked”.

This will all work out in the end. Gods plan is a masterful one. 

This video

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I’m getting tired of people like Truth and Art TV trying to convince his audience that Rhino KM is a good guy…..unless he’s putting on an act for the bad guys.🤷‍♀️

  2. I agree. There is so much disinformation it makes no sense. You can argue successfully for either side.

  3. MCCarthy, NO and Hell no. He stabbed Trump in the back every chance he got. He said he was going to get Trump to resign and he blamed Trump for Jan 6. He can’t be trusted and it is no act. His connection to Luntz explains enough.

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